Department of accounting

Head of the Department, PhD in Economics,

Associate Professor Dadomatov Dalerjon Nishonboevich

 The Department of Accounting was founded in September 1996 on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics and is one of the first Departments at the TSULBP.

The first head of the Department of Accounting was Associate Professor, Kurbanov Z. K and served this position until 2000.

Also, in 2000-2001, the duties of the Head of the Department were carried out by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Gosibekov AG. Later, in 2001-2010, the Department was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor M.A. Akramov, in 2010-2011 by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor D. N. Dadomatov, in by 2012-2013 Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Abdulloev O. O, in 2013-2014 by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Akramov M.A., in 2014-2016 the Head of the Department was Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Komilov RA. Currently, the duties of the Head of the Department is carried out by Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Dadomatov Dalerjon Nishonboevich.

The goals and objectives of the Department is to contribute to the process of sustainable development of the country's economy and the training of highly qualified personnel, the formation of a person with high economic competence, competitiveness and all-round development, the formation of skills and skills in the analysis of economic processes, improving implementation efficiency and the formation of public policies and approaches in the learning process and training of personnel in the field of accounting, analysis and audit.

The tasks of the Department are the preparation of students and trainees for professional activities in the creation and development of regulatory measures of disciplinary action on the public sector of the economy, analysis and consideration, forecasting, planning and modeling of the economic system, the creation of sectoral systems for monitoring and forecasting the needs for highly qualified personnel in order to increase the targeted training of specialists, the formation of skills in the development of strategic programs for the development of various spheres of the national economy, constant improvement of educational programs, publication of educational and methodological reviews that meet the requirements of the modern era, the application of modern technologies and innovative teaching methods, and the full satisfaction of students with new economic knowledge.

According to the approved plan, the scientific work of the Department of Accounting for 2015-2020 "Accounting and audit system in economic entities in the context of the implementation of International Standards in the financial statements" seven separate sections were adopted and all scientists, candidates and graduate students of the department are involved in their implementation.

Members of the Department conduct classes in the following subjects: accounting management accounting, accounting theory, bank accounting, production accounting, financial accounting, International Financial Reporting Standard, accounting (financial), accounting in industries, accounting for foreign exchange operations, accounting and auditing of foreign economic activity, accounting of non-profit organizations, accounting for business, international accounting standard, financial reporting and auditing.

The Head of the Department is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Dadomatov D.N.

The address of the Department: Khujand, 28 micro-district, Educational Building №3 TSULBP.

Phone: +992 928-566-665;

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.