Department of entrepreneurial and international law

The head of the department is

candidate of law, associate professor Samadov B.O.

Department of entrepreneurial and international law was organized in 2016. Although the department is relatively young, but it includes experienced teachers of the disbanded departments of civil, entrepreneurial and international law of the TSULBP.

The department of entrepreneurial and international law carries out its activities in the fields of business, commercial, international law, as well as in related areas of law.

The teachers of the department have achieved the following scientific achievements in their professional activities:

1.  Boltuyev S. Sh. "Some measures to improve the effectiveness of the trial in the process of establishing the truth in the civil case". - Khujand, 2002;

2.  Samadov B. O. "Legal position of an individual entrepreneur in the Republic of Tajikistan and in the Russian Federation: comparison and legal analysis". - Khujand, 2011;

3.  Samadov B. O. "Entrepreneurial Law", Part 1. - Khujand: Noshir, 2013;

4.   Samadov B. O. "Entrepreneurial Law", Part 2. - Khujand: Noshir, 2014;

5.  Samadov B.O. “Responsibility in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity: state-legal regulation and practical application” - Khujand, 2014;

6.   Soliev I.M. "Application of foreign law in the Republic of Tajikistan". - Khujand, 2015. 

The faculty includes: candidates of law, associate professors B.O. Samadov, S.Sh. Boltuev, I. Soliev, senior teachers G. Akhmedov, A.Ch. Amonov, Ch. Mansurova, M. Ziyoboeva, Kh.Kh. Kurbonova, M.A. Yusupova, assistants A.S. Ataev, M. Mirpochoyeva, B.D. Gafurova and laboratory assistant M. U. Niyozova.