Chair of social sciences

Chief of the chair - candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

                                   Murodbekova Makhbuba Khaydarovna

The chair of Social sciences was organized since the foundation of the university. The chair was established from July 10 to September 1, 1994 and it was called the chair of law and social sciences. According to the Academic Council decision from December 17, 2010 and with the aim of providing effective educational and scientific processes the chair acts as a chair of Social sciences.

The chief of the chair is candidate of philological sciences, Associate professor Murodbekova Makhbuba Khaydarovna.

The chair has thirteen full-time teachers: 1 Ph.D. Professor Zoidov O.H., 6 candidates of philosophy, Associate Professors C. Murtazoev, M. Q. Pochoeva, C. B. Boboeva, R. K. Mallaev, D. R. Juraeva, M. Q. Salimova, 2 candidates of philological sciences, Associate Professors M.H. Murodbekova, B. G. Sheronov, 3 senior teachers N. H. Rahimova, J. A. Mamatkulov, A. D. Sultonova, 1 assistant  M. D. Qodirova and laboratory assistant M. F. Aminova.

Today, members of the chair are actively involved in fulfillment of the scientific and research plan of the chair.

Cell phone: (+992) 927758778