The Department of Russian language

The  Head of the Department  Mirzaeva Dilbar Dadabaeva, candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor

The Department of Russian language was founded on 13.06.2002 by the decision of the Academic Council of the University.

The Department started its activities under the leadership of Professor A. Saidmamadov, first, at the faculty of business and accounting (currently the faculty of business and management), then at the law faculty, and then at the faculty of finance.  From 2007 until June, 2012  the head of Department was appointed associate Professor  Mirzaeva  D. D.  From 2012  to  20  October, 2014 the  head of  the Department was  associate Professor  Khodjaev M. J.. From October, 2014 till now the head of the Department is associate Professor Mirzaeva D. D. The main task of the Department of Russian language is to provide educational work on the Russian language, the development of oral and written speech of students of the first year of full-time and part –time  departments, according to the program of teaching Russian language in non-linguistic universities. Besides of practical classes and independent work are  also conducted lectures and independent work on rhetoric under the leader of teachers of Russian language.

 The scientific direction of the Department are: 1) Comparative studies; 2) the Typology of languages in terms of ethnocultural and multilingualism. And covers five stages of scientific research of the teaching staff of the Department, which are approved by the decision of the Academic Council and annually performed by the staff of the Department.

There are   3 textbooks, 14 manuals, a lot of  educational and methodological developments, 7 monographs and more than 200 scientific articles . Including textbooks and manuals.