Chair of foreign languages

Сhief of the chair - candidate of philological sciences,

Associate Professor

Negmatova Diloshub Sadullojovna

The chair of Foreign Languages was established according to Rector’s order from August 31, 2012 at the faculty of Political Science and International Relations with the goal of effective promotion of academic, educational and scientific work.

From the first of September, 2015 D.S. Negmatova was appointed the chief of the chair.

The mission of the chair is to disseminate erudition, scientific knowledge and educate highly qualified specialists with a good command of foreign languages in the field of external political relations – expert interpreters of English and Arabic. Contribution of Associate Professors Giyasov N.I. and Pulodova N. U is worth in organization, promotion and development of valuable qualified specialists.

The following core and elective courses are taught in the chair: English, Arabic, Introduction to linguistics, Practice of phonetic, Practice of oral and written Arabic skills, Practice of Arabic Grammar, The theory of Interpretation, Morphology of Arabic, Geography of Arabic Countries, History of Arabic Language, Practice of Arabic Interpretation, Arabic Stylistics, Interpretations of Mass Media Texts, Simultaneous Interpretation, Rhetoric’s and etc. 

Chair’s academic staff. Currently, 12 professors and instructors are working in the chair, 5 of them are Associate Professors Pulodova N.U., Negmatova D.S., Egamnazarov H.H., Ishankulova D.G., Dodoboev Q.B., 3 senior teachers Turaev Z., Shokirov J., Raupova S., and 4 assistants Sayfiddinova R., Sulaimonova G., Obidova M., Azami M., head of lingo-phone class Ibragimov R. and laboratory assistant Qodirova M.

  Scientific research direction of the department: The scientific and research work of the department is planned in “Comparative and typological analyses of modern issues of Tajik, Romano-German and Arabic linguistics (linguistic, multicultural and multilingual features)” according to 5-year plan (2015-2020). All scientists, postgraduates and researchers are involved in its fulfillment.

Scientific-methodic achievement of the department. The scientists of the department wrote more than 100 scientific articles and a number of teaching manuals.

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